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Something About Simon

Tuesday 6 November 2018 - Wednesday 7 November 2018
Tickets: £20, Wednesday Early Bird (limited): £15

Paul Simon is a name that has cemented itself into the “hearts and bones” of audiences all over the world. As an artist, his name has become synonymous, not only with music, but with cultural history. In popular music, this is a small club, and he joins the likes of Woody Guthrie, Miles Davis or Chuck Berry as a figure that helped define, not only his own generation, but also those that came afterwards.

In this brand new show, singer-songwriter Gary Edward Jones not only recites the music of one of his idols, but also tells the unique story of Paul Simon combining visuals, stage design and, of course… the music.

After years of comparisons with Paul Simon, Gary set out on a journey of discovery that meant that, for just over two years, he lived and breathed all things Simon. He didn’t just learn to sing his songs; he grew to understand them in the context of the man who wrote them, and the experiences he went through. He didn’t just strum the guitar chords, he unraveled the mysteries of Paul’s travis-picking technique and recreated the journey Simon took from using just his finger and thumb in the late fifties to the complex rhythms and patterns of his later work.

A natural storyteller, with charisma and a certain Liverpudlian charm, Gary weaves together songs and stories that cross the Atlantic, from New Jersey to the North-west of England. He traces the sometimes poignant moments in Paul Simon’s life and career, that occasionally mirror his own. From classic ballads like The Sound of Silence, America and Kathy’s Song, to the more upbeat Me and Julio, 50 Ways to Leave your Lover and Wristband, Gary will have you both reliving and rediscovering these great songs.

Something About Simon is not a tribute show; it is one musician authentically honoring the music of another, utilising all the tools at his disposal.

Though the days of being able to see him in Folk clubs had been over for a long time, Paul Simon’s recent retirement from touring will be a huge disappointment to many. For around ninety minutes, allow Gary Edward Jones to take you back to those days and tell you Something About Simon.

We’re delighted to announce a second night due to huge demand. 100 early bird tickets are available now for the show on Wednesday 7th and can be booked at the discounted price of only £15! That’s 25% off standard ticket price! These limited tickets sold out quickly last time so if you want to get your hands on one, act fast and book now!

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