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Look Back in Anger

Thursday 4 June 2020 - Friday 5 June 2020
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1956: the year of the Suez Crisis, the Hungarian uprising and Elvis Presley’s first album…

In a tiny flat somewhere in England the marriage of Jimmy and Alison Porter is coming apart. Class, politics, jealousy and passion combine to create the perfect storm which threatens to draw in all those they hold dear as they battle to save their love.

John Osborne’s landmark play about rebellion, restless youth and ‘the Angry Young Man’ revolutionised British theatre in its first production in 1956. A searing drama of a marriage in crisis, love and class, it has lost none of its power to shock and excite today.

With Danny Solomon, Hannah Ellis Ryan (‘Coronation St’) and Edmund Dehn (‘Knightmare’, ‘Judge Minty’)…

“Osborne didn’t contribute to British theatre, he set off a landmine and blew most of it up” – Alan Sillitoe

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