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Epstein Youth Theatre presents: Benches and Backpacks

Friday 6 July 2018 - Saturday 7 July 2018
Tickets: £5

Some people can’t sleep, some can’t stop bullying and most people can’t cope. It takes a lifetime to build trust, but only seconds to knock it down. This is about life in a day of school.

Benches and Backpacks is a powerful, hard-hitting devised play, Created by our very own Epstein Youth Theatre.  Exploring personal perspectives of the school system and how young people struggle to deal with their own mental health issues.

This will be performed creatively through scenes, monologues, poetry, music and ensemble movement, Directed and facilitated by Kitchen Sink’s Bradley Thompson and Abby Melia.

“We can honestly say this bunch of talented young people have full ownership of this piece. Every scene, every line, and live music has come from them. We felt it was important to explore raw issues that young people face in today’s society, using mixed art forms to express different emotions. We are very proud of how far this group has come from meeting them for the first time in October 2016, In terms of skill set, confidence, listening and devising. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we have enjoyed creating it.” 

Directors Bradley Thompson & Abby Melia

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