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Epstein Youth Theatre Double Bill 2020

Thursday 16 July 2020 - Friday 17 July 2020
£6 standard, £5 1 in 10 free for groups of 10+

The Epstein Youth Theatre presents…

Their latest double bill performances of Who Cares? and The Teen-Age, directed by Kitchen Sink Live.

Part One

The Epstein Youth Theatre (10-13) have been exploring the UK care system. Of 12 million children in England in 2018, around 1% are in care (73,000) or on a child protection plan

This show highlights important situations, uncovers insecurities, and asks difficult questions about what young people truly have to face in the care system.

Why is it harder to get adopted the older you get? Does my sibling have to go? Where do I belong?

Who really cares?


Part Two

Epstein Youth Theatre (14-19)

A group of local teenagers embark on an adventure they will never forget. No adults. No rules. No WIFI?!

This show questions boundaries teenagers are willing to cross, exploring society, nature, and freedom. But freedom comes with consequences.

Will they build bridges, or simply burn them? This is…



Join us for a post-show party and jam session in the bar after the final performance
on Friday 17th July. There will be live music, snacks and a live DJ.

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